6/06/86 MY FIRST UFO SIGHTING - 9/7/23

hiya everybody and weclome to my sub section of the site I would like to thank the 56k war dialers for hosting for me as I am not that good with computers LOL. but anywho here goes the story of my first time spotting a ufo so here I was living in the boonies and I was working a job as a cable repair man at that time anyway my wife was bitchin about my playboy magazines so I decided that I would stash them in the near by woods so she would get off my sack. While I was I saw a light from the sky while you see lights from planes and what not all the time out side so I carried on with my business but this when stranges things started to happen. I started to hear a strange hovering sound and look like that light was apporaching me and getting closer! . it was about landing distance from me and this is point where I grabbed my gun but as soon I did my hands went numb and I dropped my gun as soon as that thing got closer I started having homosexual thoughts. yes Really I started thinking about cock blowing eventually I snapped out and went what the hell picked my shooter and started blasting then that fucking thing rode off and stole my moonshine too!. While thats it that is the story of my first ufo sighting or interaction with one if you would like to hear my stores like this be sure to check back as I will write hear often - SKEETER